Holly Wiersma, Doula Services 


DONA-Certified Doula

Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educator


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About Me

Twenty two years ago, when I learned about doulas and the childbirth field, I knew I had found my calling.  I completed the DONA International Doula training and certification process in 1996.  Now, utilizing my calm, comforting presence and expanded skills, I help other women have empowering, positive birth memories.  I work to inspire each mother's confidence in her natural ability to give birth and help her have the best birth experience possible. 

I am committed to continuing education, per my credentials found below. My goal is to be the very best doula who provides the very best support to birthing families.


• DONA International Certified Doula
• Co-Leader Emeritus, Mt. Diablo Doula Community
• Trained in Spinning Babies - Optimal Fetal Positioning
• Trained in cesarean avoidance and VBAC support

• Trained in the use of pain-reducing nerve stimulation (TENS)  ~~A mom favorite!~~

• Breastfeeding educator

• Trained in labor acupressure, mother massage, and labor aromatherapy
• Contributor, How to be a Doula by Rachel Gurevich
• Contributor, Birthballs by Polly Perez
• Contributor, Hey! Who's Having this Baby Anyway? by Breck Hawk
• Volunteer Doula for Operation Special Delivery

• CPR certified - American Heart Assocation